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Gardening goals for 2011

Essie makes the most of the snowy weather!

I’m staring out the window at a cold, snow-covered balcony…but I’m already dreaming of my spring garden.

Getting through long Chicago winters is always a challenge, but looking forward to gardening outdoors in the spring can make the time pass faster. That, and spending time in a snowy park with a dog who loves snow!

Gardening goals for 2011

  • Learn more about growing hibiscus in the Midwest
  • Attempt to revive my ailing Chinese Juniper bonsai tree
  • Plant more vegetables (had great success with peppers this summer)
  • Try growing herbs indoors over the winter
  • Plant a few small evergreen trees in the winter balcony garden
  • Take more trips to the Lenhardt Library at the Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Make a photo book of this year’s garden
  • Create more garden-inspired watercolor paintings

Fellow urban gardeners: what are your goals for your garden in 2011?



  Madds wrote @

Like your blog and your list! I decided to grow plants – herbs, flowers under lights during these winter months – it is great fun although I have one grow light set up yet to be set up.
Also I liked yours on Hibiscus – I purchased 2 at the end of the year, beautiful whites! Then I guess I had them out when the temp went too low. They are coming up now with new leaves and my joy abounds
I like your list and also of taking pictures. Thanks for posting!

  lidia wrote @

Thanks Madds! Great idea about growing herbs under lights, I have to look into that. I have a sunny south-facing window that I thought might also work.

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