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End of summer update: balcony garden

It’s a beautiful late September in Chicago, the perfect time to write my end of summer balcony garden update.

It’s been an exciting summer of gardening in my new home: lots of experimenting with new plants, learning what works and what doesn’t work on a sunny, windy city balcony. There have been hits and misses, surprises and disappointments—but most of all, it’s been fun!


  • Pink hibiscus: an impulse bargain buy. Consistently produced beautiful pink blooms all summer.
  • Canna lilies: several rounds of nice blooms
  • White iceberg roses: after figuring out the watering schedule, they’ve been blooming all summer (with most of the blooms coming late summer)
  • Hot and sweet peppers: another impulse bargain buy. Both plants have consistently produced peppers, with the small hot pepper plant produced almost 15 peppers!
  • Geraniums: not much blooming throughout the summer, however there are more blooms now that weather is cooler


  • Celosia: started out well, slowly became infested with aphids.
  • Zinnias: bloomed fairly well all summer, but the bottom parts of the leaves and stems have slowly been drying up
  • Tomatoes: major disappointment: all the leaves and stems dried up early in the summer, possibly a bout of blight


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  Amy@GreenGardenista wrote @

It all looks great! My one big mistake this year was not planting any peppers,and boy do I miss having my own right out the door! If you get sick of yours I’m open to your cast offs…no really, they look delicious!

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