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The ups and downs of hibiscus

Essie checking out the hibiscus

So, my faithful pink hibiscus continues to keep me in either a state of delight of distress.

Considering I paid less than $10 for it at CVS, it’s really a wonder that the darn thing is still alive. It’s been blooming nicely all summer, surviving a transplant, a few instances of yellow leaf drop—and one scary moment when the entire plant was blown over, the pot cracked.

I noticed that on really hot days, the leaves got pale green and droopy. Occasionally, it got yellow leaves though I don’t think I was overwatering. I tried giving less or more water, but didn’t see much change.

It’s been really windy lately, so I moved it to a safer spot on the balcony which still gets several hours of sun, but not full sun. I’m still getting lots of yellow leaves and it’s starting to look a bit sparse, but the new growth seems really healthy and green.

In short, I still can’t figure this plant out, but I still get a kick every morning seeing my decidedly tropical plant on the balcony with a city backdrop behind it.


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