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A tale of two peppers

Sweet pepper: August 14

Sweet pepper & hot pepper: August 17

As my sweet banana peppers were growing, I noticed the largest of the fruit was developing a reddish-brown spot. As the spot continued to grow larger, I finally decided to pick it and query my fellow gardeners via my MyFolia journal. One of the gardeners commented that sweet peppers turn from yellow to red as they ripen, also pointing out that the spot could be sun damage.

Well, it turns out they may be right on both counts: the pepper is slowly ripening to orange, sitting in the fruit basket on my kitchen counter. And the brown spots could very likely be sun damage, due to the hot summer we’re having.

Feeling satisfied with this experiment, I decided to pick a chili hot pepper today (currently green) to see if it will ripen on the counter as well. Updates to come!


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