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Urbs in orto: urban gardens flourish in Chicago

Vegetable garden at a Chicago elementary school

While heading into a client meeting at a local cafe, this week’s New City caught my eye with its cover story on the resurgence of urban gardening in Chicago.

I’ve always loved the “corner gardens” on the northwest side of Chicago: the small triangular patches of grass at the end of each block which, if you’re lucky, are taken over by a neighbor-gardener and turned into a lovely garden (I never had a chance to attempt this on my block while I lived there). The corner gardens vary in complexity and plant types, but are always a nice sight to see on walks with the dog.

The New City article spoke about the resurgence of gardening in the city—specifically the empty lots that are converted to community gardens throughout Chicago. It also mentioned gardening programs that are benefiting local teens, such as Green Youth Farm and Growing Power.

Parks and gardens, no matter their size, do have a way of bringing people together. Let’s hope more of our neighbors pick up the gardening habit.

Read the New City article here.

Find a community garden in Chicago:


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