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Plant mystery solved: schefflera (I think)

A few weeks ago, I repotted my lanky, twisting “tropical plant” from Ikea. It’s doing great, no more leaves dropping, new growth, and the soil doesn’t dry out as quickly.

After reading a few houseplant books, I think I’ve also finally identified it: schefflera (if any readers think I’m wrong, please let me know!) Schefflera is also referred to as an umbrella plant or sometimes a bonsai.

I found out that it blooms, but not in indoor conditions. It needs to be repotted when it outgrows its container or gets top-heavy (check). It needs to be watered liberally (check) and misted daily. A good tip: as the woody stem grows tall, plant a few smaller scheffleras at the base to keep it from looking sparse.

Read about caring for schefflera.


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