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Book review: Garden Anywhere

I recently checked out a stack of gardening books from the library, including Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler (2009, Chronicle Books). I will admit one of the reasons I chose it was because it’s published by Chronicle Books. Being a graphic designer with a passion for book design, I adore anything that comes out of their hands. But I digress.

It took me awhile to really get into it: some parts were daunting for a gardening novice like myself, while other parts didn’t directly relate to my garden. But now that I’ve added more plants to my gardening repertoire, I’m really enjoying it.

As a novice, I appreciated the information on gardening basics (soil, water, light). I also liked the section on houseplants—the book even encouraged me to bring my houseplants outdoors for summer.

As it includes gardening techniques ranging from basic to advanced, I think it’s a great reference book for all urban gardeners—both those with tiny balconies, as well as the lucky ones with a large patch of grass.


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