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Guest garden: Mom

Had a lovely Fourth of July visit with the Ps. Got to admire Mom’s lovely cascading rock garden, as well as get some pruning tips for my new container rose bushes (prune off dead flowers just below the bloom, but not all the way to the stem to encourage new growth).

She has several varieties of pink roses, echinacea, and some wildflowers that I’m still trying to identify!

Mom is a master home gardener (maintaining gardens in 2 states, no less) so she is my go-to person for garden advice. She confirmed that my hibiscus is just stressed from being repotted, but gave me the good news that it will bounce back once it adapts. Today’s hot and windy day prompted me to move the hibiscus away from the balcony edge—as well as the tall canna lillies that were getting beat up by the breeze.


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