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New additions: roses and cannas

This weekend’s new additions are courtesy of an end-of-season sale at Farmers Market Garden Center in Chicago.*

The first are two white ‘Iceberg’ Rose plants. I have never grown roses in containers, so I’m curious to see how they do—as well as what to do when winter comes along (it’s a hot, sunny day in Chicago, so let’s not think about that!)

The second are two Red Canna plants, one an orangey-red and the other a coral color.  I’ve seen these beautiful, tropical plants at the Chicago Botanic Garden but have never planted one, so I had to do some research. So far, it looks pretty easy: plenty of sun and good moisture. I can handle that. I added a few orange and purple Celosias to the pot for color and contrast. Here’s a good article about growing cannas in containers.

Will be reporting on the progress of my new recruits soon!

In the meantime, I’m afraid my hibiscus is stressed from its move to a container. Leaves are limp and losing color. I’ve taken it out of the sun, hoping it’s just overheated.

*Sale alert: Most garden centers and grocery stores are clearing out their inventory, so watch for sales. For example, the roses were half-price at Farmer Market, and Osco has nice large, recycled plastic pots for $5!



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