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Hibiscus update

Two weeks ago, I purchased a hibiscus tree (an impulse purchase at, of all places, CVS). Having just returned from the Land of Hibiscus (French Polynesia) I was inspired to have my very own.

I’ve been around hibiscus for many years now, as my mom grows them in Florida. The amazing detail and color has made them my favorite flower to paint. I’ve admired them around my neighborhood the last few years, so now that I have a sunny south-facing balcony, I finally decided to take the plunge.

I’ve read that hibiscus blooms only last one day. However, the four that opened yesterday are still going strong (plus one new bloom). Perhaps it was the cooler day yesterday (mid-70s). I aim to do more research, but in the meantime, here’s a good article about caring for potted hibiscus plants.


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[…] the meantime, I’m afriad my hibiscus is stressed from its move to a container. Leaves are limp and losing color. I’ve taken it out […]

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